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Transforming wellness, born from Heritage and Trust

Our central philosophy is to combine the legacy of the east with trust in the best certified German doctors, Heilpraktiker/in and Ayurvedic consultants in the west.

Dr. Naushad Ali 

M.Ch. (Cardiothoracic surgery)

Founder, Atreya Ayurveda

The first cardiac surgeon and Ayurvedic doctor in the history of Russia. He was also the first to apply the classical Ayurveda method of deep detoxification (Panchakarma) to the patients of the Chernobyl disaster, a majority of whom reported subjective well-being and a significant increase in immunity. Over 20 years of work in Russia, under his practice, patients have achieved impressive results that were diagnosed with extremely serious diseases. He is a pioneer in the world of using both modern and traditional medicines.