About Us


The 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda - the oldest healing system in the world was formulated by our forefathers. Known to be master healers and sages, they arrived at the truth and understanding of our bodies in a deep state of meditation and spiritual living. Naturally derived ingredients were formulated into the purest remedies for a physical-mental balance that helped them live a sustainable and disease-free lifestyle. This body of timeless knowledge was passed down orally and on palm leaves from generations of sages to disciples.

Veda is a timeless story of Indian heritage, purity and knowledge, preserved and brought to life from over 5 centuries ago.
Sourced from a land where rivers have determined the flow of knowledge and cultures for centuries, we formulate our healing herbs on the banks of Akalai river. Our branch of Ayurveda is distinct, as it was enriched by a tradition specific to Kerala -  Ashtavaidya, the eight honoured doctors - and other indigenous streams of herbal healing practices.